At Chokas, we believe in the strength of crafts-manship and design. This is the power that enables us to create exceptional products and deliver value to all our customers. We take pride in being your outstanding partner in business and are committed to building success together.Our strength lies in our ability to not only pro-duce high-quality products but also to create beautiful and unique items that offer genuine value to our partners and customers alike.We invite you to be a part of the exceptional experiences and successes we create together.We are ready to be your exceptional partner every day.

Arisanee Tejapaibul, Patanee Chokasut

Chokas Jewelry Retail Shop Account Opening Area


Welcome to the Chokas Jewelry Retail Shop Account Opening Area! We’re delighted that you’re considering becoming a part of our retail family. Here, you’ll find everything you need to start your journey with us and unlock exclusive benefits tailored to retailers like you.



What You’ll Discover


1.**Wholesale Catalog:**

Explore our extensive wholesale catalog showcasing our latest collections, timeless classics, and seasonal offerings. Gain access to detailed product descriptions, pricing, and wholesale terms.


2. **Marketing Support:**

Access a range of marketing materials including high-resolution images, videos, and promotional assets to effectively showcase Chokas Jewelry products in your retail space and online channels.


3. **Customer Support:**

Connect with our dedicated retail support team for assistance with orders, product inquiries, and customer service. We’re here to ensure that your retail experience with Chokas Jewelry is seamless and satisfying.


4. **News and Updates:**

Stay informed about the latest news, product launches, promotions, and events happening at Chokas Jewelry. Be the first to know about new arrivals and special offers to keep your retail offerings fresh and engaging.


Getting Started

If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey with us, simply fill out the account opening form to initiate the process. Our team will review your application and provide you with the necessary credentials to access the Retail Shop Account Opening Area


Already Registered?

If you’ve already submitted your application, you can log in using your provided credentials to access all the features and resources available in the Retail Shop Account Opening Area.


Should you have any questions or require assistance at any stage of the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our retail support team at . We’re here to support you every step of the way and ensure your retail partnership with Chokas Jewelry is a success.


Thank you for considering Chokas Jewelry as your retail partner. We look forward to building a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship with you!